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About Palestine Film Meetings (PFM)

Palestine Cinema Days is dedicated to celebrating world cinema and deepening the appreciation of film culture in Palestine. PFM has established itself as a vital part of the festival and as an unmissable annual event. During three days, local and international film industry professionals, up-and-coming and established alike, are invited to come together, connect, share experiences, and further develop their projects.

PFM is designed as a forum where market-relevant topics are discussed, taking into account the shifting regional and global context of our industry as well as the challenges and specificities of the Palestinian context.

How to build a solid basis for the development of a local film industry?
These pressing issues will be tackled by a stellar line-up of experts through a curated program of panels, round tables, and case studies with a focus on: The economy of the Palestinian film industry, and the opportunities and challenges investors and filmmakers may face along the way. FilmLab: Palestine’s guests, Hakka Distribution, Zawya, CatDocs and Sweet Docs Spot will provide a wider view on the current potentials and challenges of film sales and distribution landscape in the region.

How to empower Palestinian filmmakers to move forward with their projects?
There will be a series of talks and masterclasses by which filmmakers will consolidate their skills and exchange ideas with acclaimed practitioners. This will offer the space to hear from the filmmakers’ expertise on what really happens behind the scenes of documentary film sets, project development labs, director-actor relationships, and Virtual Reality production masterclasses. PFM is also taking further steps into building a film market where filmmakers and producers can present their projects, receive content feedback on content, and learn how to get their message across while international experts will suggest ways to carry projects through to completion.