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Checker Tobi and the Secret of Our Planet


The greatest adventure of his life begins for Checker Tobi on a pirate ship in the middle of the sea. There he discovers a bottle post with a riddle in it. When he releases it, he will unravel the mystery of our planet. An exciting scavenger hunt for the earth begins! Tobi climbs the crater of a fire-breathing volcano, dives with sea dragons in the Pacific, explores the loneliest parts of the Arctic with climate scientists, and lands in India during the driest time of the year. In Mumbai, he becomes a Bollywood star before the monsoon transforms the mega metropolis. Finally, Tobi checks that he had the mystery solution in mind throughout his journey.

Director: Martin Tischner
Producers: Megaherz TV Fernsehproduktion GmbH, Studio Babelsberg
Language: German (dubbed to Arabic)
Country: Germany
Duration: 84 min

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