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Ossama Bawardi

Ossama Bawardi works in Palestine and Jordan in both documentary and fiction. Credits include Salt of this Sea, Paradise Now. He produced Annemarie Jacir’s When I Saw You (one of the first films entirely financed by Palestinians) and Horizon, In Overtime, Mare Nostrum, and Wajib, winner of thirty-six awards including Best Film in Mar Del Plata, Dubai, Amiens, Washington DC & Kerala. He line produced Amin Matalqa's The Rendezvous, Mai Masri's 3,000 Nights, Barbara Eder's Thank you for Bombing, Anas Khalaf and Rana Kazkaz’s The Translator, and has three films in post-production. Bawardi is CEO of Philistine Films, a member of the EAVE Producer’s Network and Asia Pacific Screen Academy.