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Palestinian Sunbird Production Award Competition

Projects in Competition

Wild Eyes by Said Zagha

A Palestinian doctor’s nightly commute from her secret partner’s house in Jericho to Ramallah turns treacherous when her tire blows. Surrounded by wild animals on the desolate road, a stranger comes to her rescue. She soon realizes that he’s not the Good Samaritan he seems to be.


A DJ in the Territories  by Mohmmed Abugeth

A musician uses his DJ set to defend what is left of his country.




Always ready to check by Ismail Al Habbash

According to Israeli law, Palestinian residents of Jerusalem must always prove that Jerusalem is the center of their lives. the film is about an Interior Ministry inspector doing his best to prove that you do not live in your house, To be legally expelled from the city


Gaza KFC by Omar Rammal

Anwar goes on a journey of smuggling the world’s famous KFC chicken into the besieged Gaza after getting fired from his family’s fried chicken restaurant. When Israel bombs one of the tunnels, his perception of success takes another direction.


The Flag by Mashal Kawasmi

When the flag of Palestine continues to mysteriously appear on his roof even after he takes it down, a Palestinian widower must prove to Israeli soldiers he didn’t do it if he is to prevent his home from being demolished.


Shader by Aida Kaadan

Henna ceremony turns into a feminist revolution after a group of Palestinian Fallahi women find out they were segregated from the party using a man-made barrier.


Not Really a Match by Fatma Racha Shehadeh
Subject solely to the virtual world of dating, Samir sneaks out of the camp in Dbayeh to meet his Tinder match for the first time. 32-year-old, he finds himself in sensuous Beirut, only to encounter the awkwardness of misfortunate events led by his very being: a Palestinian refugee.


DECISION by Ahmed Saleh

Fadwa tries to protect herself and her patient while Israeli troop raid the hospital. Despite all the difficulties, Fadwa takes many decisions. Would she survive?


Cinema, Mon Amour by Wisam Aljafari and Ibrahim Handal
A projectionist barricades himself inside the last remaining art house cinema in Palestine to stop the owner of the building from demolishing it.