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Sunbird Production Award

The 2019 Sunbird Production Award jury will announce the winners of the 4th Sunbird Production Award competition during the Closing Ceremony of Palestine Cinema Days.

The Sunbird Award was first launched by Filmlab in 2016 to help bring our stories to life. The name of the award refers to the Palestine Sunbird, a small bird, albeit tiny, it shows incredible abilities to cope with overcrowded urban concrete buildings, not to mention the crawling desert, and is thus representative of tenacity and determination.

This year, the Palestinian Cinema Days Festival will showcase short films of all genre and feature-length documentary films. All films are either made by Palestinian filmmakers or producers, or they refer to Palestine thematically. Three international juries will decide on the winners of the Sunbird Award in three categories: Production Award, Documentary Film Award, and Short Film Award.

The winner of the Sunbird Production Award will receive:

  • Camera and sound equipment from Filmlab: Palestine 
  • The film will be picked up for distribution by MAD Solutions.
  • In addition, the winner will receive a financial grant to further support the final production of their films. The grant is $10,000