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Trucks and meatballs

This film is about seeking contingency, trying to impress and to comfort little sad meatballs. Do appearance and colour really matter? Anyhow, the most fun happens when you're playing together.

Producer Johan Hagelbäck
Production Company
HB Johan Hagelbäck Tecknad Film
+46 8 665 11 33 

Language No Dialogue 

Director: Johan Hagelbäck

Johan Hagelbäck was born in Sweden in 1946. He first studied at the School of Art, department for graphic design from 1964 until 1968, and then studied film at the University of Stockholm. After completing his studies, Johan worked as Art Director in London and Amsterdam and joined GK Film AB in the beginning of the 1970’s, where he made some shorts for children based on his own original ideas. These short films won prizes internationally. After this, he began producing his own films.

2016 Alldeles stilla / 2015 Ture Tärning (Ture The Dice) / 2011 Köttbullarna och lastbilarna (Trucks and Meatballs) / 2010 Köttbullarna (The Swedish Meatballs) / 2005 Tveka Aldrig / 1972 Krokodilien