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Tickets Selling Points

Get your Tickets from the following locations (The ticket price is 15 NIS):





   Beit Sahur   


The Palestinian National Theatre - Al Hakawati

Ramallah Tourist Information Center-
Ramallah Municipality

   Tanoreen Restaurant 


*Tickets are for 40 nis for Nazareth screenings

The Educational Bookshop Salah Eddine street branch


Zait ou Zaater






Garage Coffee Shop & BAR    



Or through


You can also buy the Golden Ticket for 100 NIS, which allows you to watch all the festival films in all locations (more than 60 films) from the festival's Information Center at Khalil Sakakini Cultural Center - Ramallah.

The proceeds of will go towards funding the Palestinian Sunbird Production Award. This grants the Palestinian public the opportunity to directly contribute to a Palestinian film production.


*All kids screenings are free of fees/ tickets.

*All Gaza Screenings are free of fees/ tickets.