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The film chronicles the dire reality of foreign domestic workers in Middle Eastern countries such as Lebanon. By combining a multitude of perspectives, it offers intimate insights into the private lives of employers, agents and maids. From the legal framework that creates a structure of power and control that is conducive to corruption and abuse, analysing the architectural patterns of the city founded on racism, to the private sphere of the house that serves to reproduce a patriarchal system that discriminates against Lebanese women and which in turn undermines the rights of foreign domestic workers in the household. Exposing modern forms of slavery, it also reflects on the role of women and domestic work at large in capitalist societies. 

Austria, Germany, 2021
Arabic, Amharic, Bengali, French, English with English subtitles
73 minutes

Director: Roser Corella
Cinematography: Roser Corella, Alfonso Moral
Editing: Ginés Olivares
Sound: Gábor Ripli
Music: Paul Frick
Producer/s: Florian Käger, Ana Catalá (Moving Mountains Films)

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