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New Voices Program

PFM Talks | Low-Budget Film Production

Venue:Ankars Suites
Date & Time:Thursday 19.10 12:30
Instructor:Johnny Andersen


One of the keys to a successful low-budget feature film is that you find a strong artistic and production concept during the development of the film, a concept that goes hand in hand with the writing of the script. Through examples from his own work with Danish talent, Andersen will talk about how you can find your own method when developing your film. The examples are visual pre-studies of the concepts, and show a variety of form and methods.


PFM Talks | Short Films, Festivals and Markets: Film Distribution Strategies for Newbies

Venue:Ankars Suites
Date & Time:Thursday 19.10 14:00
Instructor:Enrico Vannucci

Film markets at festivals have emerged as the principal venues where film professionals from all other the world can meet to do business. Markets must both satisfy the attendees’ demands and mix seamlessly with the rest of the festival. The role of film markets at festivals arise a diverse range of questions:  How do market exchanges relate to other areas of festivals? What kind of relationships are involved between participants? How do they influence film circulation, co-production and professional networking? How can we trace their impact on regional and national cinemas?


PFM Talks | New Ways of Cinema

Venue:Ankars Suites
Date & Time:Thursday 19.10 15:30
Instructor:Sohail Dahdal

Virtual reality is already the next big thing in filmmaking - not as an experimental futuristic idea but as a new way to tell stories, not only on mobile devices but also in newly VR-equipped cinemas around the world. Come join Sohail Dahdal on a journey into the future. This masterclass will introduce you to ways of telling stories using virtual reality technologies, augmented reality app creation, and 360° videography, breaking the fourth wall in VR cinema. Learn about the latest tools used in making VR cinema, new methods to enhance the audience experience, and gain insight into this fast-developing industry. This talk is open to the public but is best suited for established filmmakers with projects in development and open for new ways of telling their stories.




PFM Talks | How to Find an Audience: Film Distribution

Venue:Khalil Sakakini Cultural Center
Date & Time:Friday 20.10 13:30
Instructor:Serge Abiaad, Marc Boonen

This talk will answer your questions on the challenges distributors face when it comes to art house and indie films. How do I get a distributor attached to my film? How do distributors get films into festivals? What can you do in the process of developing your film to widen your distribution possibilities? Which are the new distribution opportunities for short films, in times of Netflix, Amazon and other VOD and online platforms?




PFM Talks | Filmmaking without Infrastructure

Venue:Khalil Al Sakakini Cultural Center
Date & Time:Friday 20.10 15:00
Instructor:Rebecca Cermona


Independent filmmaking in the digital era is full of unchartered territory and new challenges. This reality is accentuated for filmmakers coming from regions with little or no infrastructure in place. However, a landscape which doesn't have strong-set paths could also be a landscape with more room to navigate… Is there a silver lining to budding and/or 'weak' indigenous film industries? Let's discuss!




PFM Talks | Let’s Get Together! Theater and Film in Palestine

Venue:Khalil Sakakini Cultural Center
Date & Time:Friday 20.10 16:30
Instructor:Kamil El Basha , Iman Aoun

What models can theater and cinema in Palestine share for both to thrive and sustain? How can cooperation be enhanced for the benefit of both fields? How can young theater talents reach out to filmmakers and casting agents? What are the distribution models for theater and film, and how can they learn from the experience of the other locally and internationally?

Panel Discussion. / Moderator Saleh Dabbah (Moderator)




PFM Talks | Arab Cinema Today

Venue:Mahmoud Darwish Museum
Date & Time:Saturday 21.10 17:00
Instructor:Talal Afifi, Butheina Kazim

This panel will address the status of independent cinema in the Arab world: What are the main obstacles preventing the development of a strong independent cinema sector in the Middle East? How do we overcome these obstacles?

PFM Talks | Sound Design

Venue:Khalil Sakakini Cultural Center
Date & Time:Sunday 22.10 14:00
Instructor:Ania Przygoda

In this talk, Ania will explain what sound design is and how it can be used to enhance the storytelling in film. During the talk, she will deconstruct a soundtrack and show how it is built, using different elements. Ania will be using practical examples and videos to support the talk.