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Palestinian Sunbird Documentary Competition 2022

Palestine Cinema Days announces that submission for the 2022 Palestinian Sunbird Documentary Competition is now open.

The winning project of the Palestinian Sunbird Documentary Competition will receive a prize of $5,000.

An independent jury will choose and announce the winner of the Palestinian Sunbird Documentary Competition during the closing ceremony of Palestine Cinema Days on November 7, 2022.

Guidelines and regulations:

  • Only documentaries produced in 2020, 2021 and 2022 are eligible to apply given that they have not been screened in Palestine.
  • The minimum duration must be 52 minutes.
  • The documentary must have a clear connection to Palestine in terms of story and/or the director must be Palestinian, and/or Palestine must be a country of production.
  • Only the rights holder or duly authorized person is eligible to submit the film.
  • The film screener should be available until the end of the selection process.
  • The submitter is fully responsible for the authenticity of the information provided.
  • If the film is selected, Palestine Cinema Days reserves the right to use the material and information submitted in the application form for promotional purposes and for Palestine Cinema Days’ Catalogue, website and social media.
  • If the film is selected, Palestine Cinema Days reserves the right to use segments of the film in the generic promotional videos/trailers that will be screened in screening halls and posted on Palestine Cinema Days’ website and social media.   
  • Incomplete applications will not be considered for evaluation nor will the applicant be contacted to send the missing material.
  • Applications or supporting material sent by email will not be considered. Only submissions through the electronic application form are accepted. 

Submission deadline: September 1st, 2022    

For enquiries and information, please contact: [email protected]