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When eleven-year-old Wissam decides to tell his classmate that he loves her, he is challenged by an invasion that threatens to permanently keep them apart. This story of first love against this backdrop of war portrays a day kids and adults will never forget.





Arabic with English subtitles

90 min



Director: Oualid Mouaness

Producers: Georges Schoucair, Myriam Sassine, Alix Madigan, Christopher Tricarico, Oualid Mouaness, Ingrid Lill Høgtun.  

Screenwriter: Oualid mouaness

Cast: Rodrigue Suleiman, Mohammad Dali,  Nadine Labaki, Gia Madi,  Ghassan Maalouf.

Cinematography: Brian Rigney Hubbard

Editing: Jad Dani, Ali Hassan, Sabine El Gemayel.




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