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Al Gami’ya



In Rod El Farag, one of the poorest residential areas in Cairo, obtaining meat, fruit and daily bread is a constant struggle, but the sense of community shared by the inhabitants helps them to some extent overcome their hardships through a social practice known as ‘al Gami’ya’, or ‘the credit union’. More than support, the assembly is an integral part of their daily life, adults and children alike. A rare, intimate and genuine portrait of life, witnessed through the eyes and voice of its characters in a place that doesn’t know rest, situated under a train station. Between the omnipresence of the train and the search for daily bread, life happens…



Director: Reem Saleh

Producers: Konstatina Stravrianou, Reem Saleh

Language: Arabic with English subtitles

Country: Lebanon, Egypt, Greece, Qatar, Slovenia

Duration: 79 min



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