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Palestinian Sunbird Documentary Competition 

The film captures the Palestinian workers commuting from their homes to workplaces in Israel. For work permit obtainers, the day consists of waiting for long hours in line, being searched using sniffer dogs, and a possibility of not surviving the checkpoints’ crowds. Whereas, others sneak into Israel with the help of smugglers; all together embarking on a dangerous ride to earn a living. We accompany workers on the two routes and capture the risks, unusual stops, and daily threats. All for the sole purpose of breadwinning their families. Due to the Israeli occupation, hundreds of Palestinian workers live with the fear of not returning to their homes, and it gets only worse with the pandemic.

Palestine, 2021
Arabic with English subtitles
54 minutes

Director: Marwah Jbara-Tibi
Cinematography: Nael Obaidallah, Eddy Tolando, Fouad Hindiyyeh, Omar Mnawar, Mohammad Ghanem, Ameer Ahmro
Editing: Ali Al Subaih
Sound: Issam Rishmawi
Producer/s: Wajiha Al Abyad, Al Jazeera Documentary
Executive Producer: Zainab Production


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