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Filmlab Productions & Co-Productions

Filmlab: Palestine supports production by cultivating a strong network of filmmakers in Palestine, and providing competitive opportunities for seed-funding and coaching for filmmakers to produce film art.
Filmlab constantly develops partnerships with international production companies, film institutes and film organizations worldwide, in an effort to facilitate opportunities for Palestinian filmmakers and filmmaking teams to take part in productions (i.e. co-production) abroad. Furthermore, Filmlab facilitates and encourages production or post-production of international film projects in Palestine, and may advise and provide assistance to international productions to access location, to find crew, to organize casting and equipment, etc.

The Foreigner by Natalie Al-Jubeh (2017, 15 min)
Producer: Mashahid Production Co.
Synopsis: Don Hutchison, an American born in Pennsylvania, came to Palestine in 1965. Since then, he has considered himself Palestinian. 
The Chair by Laila Abbas (2017, 15 min)
Synopsis: Coming to visit her family in Palestine, Olga finds that her grandmother passed away, and she gets involved with helping her aunt with the funeral and the wake. Meanwhile, the family’s friend Maria is trying to find a husband for Olga. But Olga has another plan.



Empowering Storytellers is a yearly film production workshop for filmmakers from Denmark and Palestine. The purpose is to create possibilities for Danish and Palestinian filmmakers to develop Palestinian stories. Over a period of a month, Palestinian and Danish participants work closely together, and Palestinian participants help the Danish to explore the unknown territories and to cooperate with the Palestinian community. The short documentary films produced during the workshop are presented during Days of Cinema.

Essentials by Jakob Valdemar Mørk (2017, 7 min)
Producers: Jakob Valdemar Mørk, Donia Nader
Synopsis: By observing Palestinian poet Ahmed Yacoub who has ended in a limbo-like everyday, stuck in Ramallah, the film is studying the way a life is influenced by occupation and family separation. 
English with English subtitles

After the Sunset by Elia Ghorbiah (2017, 11 min)
Producer: Matilde Nørgaard
Synopsis: “After the Sunset” is a film about the feelings family and relatives are left with after an honor killing.

Art in Ramallah by Raja Kanaan (2017, 6 min)
Producer: Oline Paludan Jørgensen
Synopsis: An insight into an artist's life and how he uses the walls and ruins of his city to express himself artistically.

Ya Rab (CAK ft. Saaleek) by Chadi Abdul-Karim and Mike Spooner (2017, 4 min)
Synopsis: A music video based on a meeting between the musicians CAK and Saaleek. The song is performed in Arabic and Danish, and takes us around Ramallah as well as the refugee camp Al Amari.  

Mashi Halo by Freja Nanadowa Rohde Monney (2017, 7 min)
Producer: Ayah Jaber
Synopsis: A portrait of a young Palestinian girl. We follow her day, from morning to evening, and are invited into her private world.

The Grand Theatre of Palestine by Isabel Bilde (2017, 12 min)
Producer: Haneen Khaled
Synopsis: What is the best way to meet strangers? And what do the surroundings mean in relation to expression? A group gets together in an apartment in Ramallah to create a theatre group.

I’m fine by Felipe Roa Pilar (2017, 17 min)
Producers: Issa Shamali and Raja Zaal
Synopsis: Mohamad lives in Al Am'ari Refugee Camp in Ramallah with his family. His attachment to the camp throughout his life has created a high sense of home and family.


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