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The Great Shawl of Aamu

Film synopsis

Filmed in the Lapland region of Finland, The Great Shawl of Aamu  is a children’s film bringing together fairy tales and documentary, live footage and animation.

“Open wide your heart and ears” said Niilo to Aamu, as he left her on the river bank… This is excellent advice given to Aamu, a little girl on a quest to see the world. “What is the world made of?” wonders the little girl… “Are there monsters, witches, ogres and sorceresses?”

In fact, her path leads her to those living simply and in harmony with nature, all wizards in their own way. Under the benevolent gaze of her grandmother the little girl matures as she comes in contact with these characters, each one with their own delightful life lesson to offer.

A soothing film about the beauty of the world.


Documentary, 2020



Family, 3+

Dubbed into Arabic from the English version


Director: Lucie Lambert

Producers: Lucie Lambert, Les films du tricycle


Screening Dates

Ramallah, Ramallah Cultural Palace, Saturday 05.11 11:00
Ramallah, Ottoman Court, Sunday 06.11 17:00
Jerusalem, Palestinian National Theatre / Al Hakawati, Saturday 05.11 17:00
Bethlehem, Al Jisser - Beit Sahour, Wednesday 02.11 17:00
Jenin, Freedom Theater, Thursday 03.11 18:00
Gaza, Magazine28 - Rafah, Wednesday 02.11 14:00
Gaza, Al Ghussein Cultural House, Wednesday 02.11 14:00
Gaza, Tejwal Center for Culture & Arts - Khan Yunis, Wednesday 02.11 15:00