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Ibrahim, a Fate to Define


Ibrahim, my father, left the house one day in 1987, and never came back. I was six years old. Ibrahim Al Abed was a secret agent for the “Revolutionary Council” (popularly know as the “Abu Nidal Group”), a Palestinian militant faction that opposed PLO attempts to adopt more peaceful solutions to the conflict with Israel to the point that they collaborated with Western powers and carried out operations to hunt down anyone who opposed their vision. Uncertain of Ibrahim’s destiny, I grew up in a house where silence was the norm. My mother Najat, a proud Egyptian lady, had to continue her life normally, raising Ibrahim’s five children in Damascus while blaming the whole thing on her misfortune.

Director: Lina Al Abed 
Producers: Sak A Do, Rami Al Nihawi
Language: Arabic with English and French subtitles
Countries: Lebanon, Palestine, Qatar, Denmark, Slovenia
Duration: 75 min

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