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Intifada – passage to Palestine

A film about Palestinian day-to-day life and resistance, about self-organization in people’s committees and the installation of self-sustaining economic structures: Intifada – On the Way to Palestine documents the uprising in the West Bank and the Gaza-Strip, which begun in 1987. It was aimed against the Israeli occupation and in parts against the PLO-government in exile. The weapons were tax boycott, stones and the installation of cooperatives. In the territories that were occupied in 1967, by that time Israel’s second important export market, independent Palestinian economy was marginalized and during the Intifada is was mostly prohibited. The film shows the illegal infrastructure: farming, clinics, a sewing shop, a carpenter’s workshop, and political meetings

(Glow Of Memroy)

Arabic with German subtitles

The director will be present (Q & A)

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