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Palestinian Sunbird Documentary Competition 

The film is based on Jaffa’s oral history of the elders before 1948. Guests of the film, most of them living in Diaspora, were born and lived in Jaffa before 1948. They share their narratives and memoirs to cover most aspects of life in Jaffa before the Nakba: from the main neighborhoods and roads, to markets and cultural life, as well as the citrus industry. The film goes back to Jaffa’s history as a vibrant city until the Nakba happened. It then tells the story of its inhabitants’ bitter decision to flee as battles and massacres were raging.

Palestine, 2019
Arabic with English subtitles
69 minutes

Director: Raed Duzdar
Cinematography: Muhammad Shamasneh, Tariq Kodmani, Hamdi Al-Ayed
Music: Real Q
Producer/s: Mohamed Shamasneh

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