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Kids Short Films 2


The Boy and the Sea

The story did not begin with the worldwide TV snatched image of the Syrian child Elan, thrown on the Turkish shores by the waves, and it most certainly did not end with it either. There was once a boy who had joy in drawing the sea. One day, in hope to escape war and misery, into the bottom of the sea he dove. Alas, he found himself trapped amongst swarms of screens that distorted his image and stole his story. No… the story did not end there. Images are still flowing, and the world is still watching…


Director: Samer Ajouri

Producers: Mohammad Ali Atassi, Maya Shurbaji

Language: Arabic with English subtitles

Countries: Syria, Lebanon

Duration: 6 min






An elderly florist looks back at her life. After a lifetime devoted to sowing love with her flowers, will she ever harvest?


Director: Marlies van der Wel

Producers: Gijs Kerbosch, Christine Anderton

Language: (No Dialogue)

Country: The Netherlands

Duration: 8 min




Father and Daughter 

This bittersweet tale explores the deep bond between father and daughter. Set against the wide Dutch landscape, the father bids farewell to his young girl. Through the seasons, the girl matures to a woman, raising a family of her own... yet the longing for her father always remains with her.


Director: Michael Dudok de Wit

Producers:  Claire Jennings (UK), Willem Thijssen (Holland)

Language: (No dialogue)

Countries: UK, The Netherlands

Duration: 9 min




Make A Wish

A young Palestinian girl will do whatever it takes to buy a birthday cake.


Director and Producer: Cherien Dabis

Language: ِArabic with English subtitles

Countries: Palestine, USA

Duration: 12 min


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