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Kids Short Films 3


Drifting Cloud

Director Yuta Sukegawa

Japan 2014

7 min

In cooperation of:

A lost cloud wanders the sky making new friendships, experiencing heartbreak and soaking in the wonders of life.  



The Boy in the Whale Suit

Director Marie Toh, Teo Kiki, Michelle Wong

Singapore 2014

8 min


A 3D animation student short film about a little girl whose only companion is her godzilla toy in a surreal fish town. One day, she sees a boy in a whale suit walking down the street…



The Best Sound in the World

Director Pedro Paulo de Andrade

Producer Dogs Can Fly Co.

Brazil 2015

13 min


While some kids collect cars or stamps, Vinicius collects sounds. On a quest to find "the best sound in the world," Vinicius seeks high and low with his tape recorder in tow -  but how will he know the best sound when he finally finds it?



I Am Round

Director Mario Adamson

Sweden 2011

14 min


Like everyone else Mathilda is born round. Unlike everyone else she can’t - or won’t - become quadratic. Once she grows up, she tries to adapt to the quadratic standards, but without success. One day at her boring work she finally meets Alex. He is just like she is: round.



Having a Brother

Director Esben Toft Jacobsen

Denmark 2006

7 min


Morten the hedgehog suddenly acquires a baby brother, and getting mummy’s and daddy’s attention becomes very difficult.


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