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Kids Short Films 3



Yaman is a young inventor. His greatest invention is an incredible machine which can turn tissues into incredible ones, an invention that helps him survive. 


Director: Amer Al Barzawi

Producer: Bidayyat

Language: Arabic with English subtitles

Countries: Syria, Lebanon

Duration: 5 min






A skinny and quirky water drop named Philly is born in a cloud over Denmark. He lands and comes to life among other droplets. Philly meets the girl drop Lilly and together they explore their materiality. As the sun reappears, the drops are confronted with the fact that the rain cannot last forever. Fear spreads. But Philly’s naive and curious personality makes him different than the other drops. Together he and Lilly set out to confront their destiny and find out what happens when they step out into the sun. In an imaginative universe, animation director Karsten Kjærulf-Hoop brings hand-painted watercolor figures to life and tells a life-affirming story about the cycle of life.


Directors: Karsten Kjærulf-Hoop, Sarah Jungen

Producers: Emil Johnsen, Thor Hampus Bank

Language: (No Dialogue)

Country: Denmark

Duration: 7 min




Dog and Fish

An animated film about an impossible romance between a dog and a fish, who are separated from each other in a class society.


Director: Jannik Hastrup

Producer: Marie Bro

Language: (No Dialogue)

Country: Denmark

Duration: 15 min



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