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A Maid for Each

Domestic work is a real market in Lebanon, segmented according to the national and ethnic origins of the workers and in which the Lebanese employer is master. Zein owns a domestic worker agency in Beirut. He arranges for Asian and African women to work in Lebanese households and assists his clients in choosing “mail-order” housemaids that will best suit their needs. Advertisement, justice and police are on his side. He decides to open his agency for the film.

Producers Sabine Sidawi & Jinane Dagher
Production Company Orjouane Productions, Lebanon

Co-Producers Serge Lalou & Camille Laemel/Les Films d’Ici, Ida Ven Bruusgaard, Eirin O Høgetveit/Medieoperatørene AS
Language Arabic with English subtitles

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