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Northern Wind



North of France. Hervé 's factory is relocated. He is the only worker to resign himself because he is pursuing another destiny: to become a fisherman and pass on this passion to his son. Suburb of Tunis. The factory is opening. Fouad, unemployed, thinks it could be a way to earn the money to cure his mother, and above all to seduce the girl he loves. The trajectories of Hervé and Fouad are strikingly similar and respond to one another.


Director: Walid Mattar

Producers: Hélicotronc, Propaganda Production

Main Cast: Philippe Rebbot, Mohamed Amine Hamzaoui, Kacey Mottet Klein, Corinne Masiero, Abir Bennani Zarouni

Language: French and Arabic with English subtitles

Country: Belgium, France, Tunisia

Duration: 89 min




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