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Palestine 87 (Slot 1)



During the First Intifada, Atef is chased by the Israeli army and finds himself trapped in a house entrance. The owner, an old lady, hides him in her bathroom, where Atef is surprised to see another person inside, who helps escape from arrest.


12 mins’ 40 seconds

Arabic/Hebrew with English subtitles


Writer and director Bilal Alkhatib

Cast: Shebly Al Baw, Maya Omaya Keesh, Esperanza Abed Hussein, Haitham Alomari, and Akram Mansour.

Producers: Bilal Alkhatib, Salim Abu Jabal, and Rafia Oraidi
Director of photography:  Mashal Kawasmi

Sound: Isam Rishmawi
Sound mix: Issam Murad
Production designer: Bashar Alhroub
Costume designer:  Hamada Atallah

Color correction: Nour Abukamal
Music: Sabreen Association

Co-Producer: Mashal Kawasmi


Screening Dates

Ramallah, Municipal Theater - Ramallah City Hall, Saturday 05.11 20:00
Jerusalem, The French Institute in Jerusalem - Chateaubriand, Wednesday 02.11 19:00
Jenin, Freedom Theater, Thursday 03.11 18:00