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Shatila - Passage to Palestine

From 1985 till 1987 the so called War of the Camps took place in the Palestinian Refugee Camps in Lebanon between the Amal Militia, which was supported by Syria, and the Palestinian resistance. There was barely any news reporting from the camps under siege. Yussuf Ali Naffa, owner of a wedding-video shop in Shatila camp, documented the day-to-day life under siege, the organisation of maintenance in the underground, the fighters, the women in children in the shelters. The destruction. The survival. He gave the video-tapes to German medical association medico international with the request to have them published. medico approached the Media Collective Freiburg in the South of West-Germany who then asked the PLO to enter to project for financing. The media collective and Yussuf Ali Naffa have not met till date. Naffa’s dignified images and the text of the German collective create an unusual and impressive political narration, a document on plight, peril, trust and solidarity.

(Glow Of Memory) 

Arabic with German subtitles

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