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Suzie in the Garden


Suzie is a little girl who goes with her mother and dad to an allotment outside the city. One day she meets a black dog and discovers a mysterious garden. Who is it that lives there? Suzie is a little afraid. But what to do when you are afraid of someone, but you find their key on the path?


Animation, 2022


Czech Republic, Slovakia


Czech, English, Slovak with Arabic subtitles

Director: Lucie Sunková

Screening Dates

Ramallah, Ramallah Cultural Palace, Thursday 03.11 11:00
Jenin, Freedom Theater, Sunday 06.11 18:00
Gaza, Magazine28 - Rafah, Sunday 06.11 14:00
Gaza, Al Ghussein Cultural House, Sunday 06.11 14:00
Gaza, Sunday 06.11 15:00