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Talking about trees

Ibrahim, Suleiman, Manar and Altayeb have been friends for over 45 years. They left their motherland in the 1960s and 1970s to study film abroad and founded the Sudanese Film Group in 1989. After years of distance and exile, they are reunited, hoping to finally make their old dream come true; to bring cinema to Sudan. They are determined to leave something behind and ignite the love for cinema. Throughout the images they created, the ones they lost and the ones they had hoped to make, the beautiful and horrific faces of their country appear.



France, Sudan, Germany, Chad, Qatar.



94 minutes 


Director: Suhaib Gasmelbari
Producers: Marie Balducchi, Mahamat-Saleh Haroun, Melanie Andernach.
Cinematography: Suhaib Gasmelbari
Editing: Nelly Quettier, Gladys Joujou.

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