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The Wall (Slot 2)


“I have one question in mind: Who created this wall, and how can we break it?" Samih, one of the four youth in the film, describes this wall as if it is a hidden force that is controlling our lives. Pink Floyd inspires these youth to create a film that describes their lives, pain, and stories. They hope to deliver this film one day to Roger Waters and invite him to hold a concert in their camp. To them, this film is a first step in breaking the big wall surrounding them.


28 minutes and 24 seconds
Arabic with English subtitles

Director: Mira Sidawi

Producer: Indivision
Cast: Samih Mahmoud, Rayan Sukar, Omar Ahmad, Malak Dawood, and Hassan Asmar

Director of photography: Nasir al Jazeari

Sound: Mousa Ayad

Sound design: Anas Hajar

Color grading: Lucid - Chrystel Elyas

Editor: Raya Yamsha
Jury Awards at Al Ard Film Festival

Boston Palestine Film Festival

Dokumentart - Films andd Future

Toronto International Women Film Festival

Second Arab Woman Film Festival

Sole Luna Doc Film Festival XVII Edition (Official Selection)


Screening Dates

Ramallah, Municipal Theater - Ramallah City Hall, Sunday 06.11 20:00
Jerusalem, Yunus Emre Turkish Cultural Center, Saturday 05.11 17:00
Jenin, Freedom Theater, Sunday 06.11 18:00