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Yallah! Yallah!

The film focuses on the story of seven characters, which are connected to the world of football in one way or another. Through their daily lives, we get to know their bond with the sport, their activities and the problems they have to face due to the occupation by Israel. Even though they are constantly affected by Israel's subjugation of Palestine, they manage to survive and endure all sorts of issues in order to enjoy one of their biggest passions: football.

Producers Fernando Romanazzo, Cristian Pirovano, Susan Shalabi, A. M. Hijjeh
Production companies Aqueronte Producciones, Palestine Football Association (PFA)
Most important cast Abed-Fatah Arar / Roberto Kettlun / Yosef Alazzah / Susan Shalabi / Nabeel Hrob / Mohammad Abu Sulaiman / Eyad Abu Garguood
Language Arabic, Spanish with English subtitles

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