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Yom Al Ard [Land Day]


YOM AL ARD [LAND DAY] builds up a portrait about the fragmentation of the land, the experience, and the people of Palestine. It showcases the deliberate and systematic Zionist efforts to disperse, fragment, and destroy the audiovisual memory and collective identity of Palestinians. Ironically, a consistent part of the PLO’s film archive is set captive in Israel after it was looted during the 1982 Beirut invasion. All films that were by Palestinians about Palestine in the last 37 years are scattered throughout the world, yet nonexistent in Palestine. YOM AL ARD is composed of rare footage shot in the Galilee (Nazareth, Deir Hanna, and Sakhnin) in celebration of 5th Land Day Anniversary in March 1981 that has recently been restored and digitized. The film will be followed by an open panel in which director Monica Maurer will further demonstrate the urgent need to end the fragmentation and elaborate further about the film archive, the powerful mobilization of the people and their unity, and the importance of collecting and restoring audiovisual heritage to make them accessible to the public.

Director: Monica Maurer
Producer: Archivio Audiovisivo del Movimento Operaio e Democratico (AAMOD) in Rome
Languages: Arabic and English, with English subtitles
Country: Italy
Duration: 15 min

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