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Monica Maurer

Born in  Munich, Germany. After  concluding  studies  of   Sociology and Communication Sciences in Munich  and Berlin  University she worked  as  a journalist for several newspapers in Germany  and  for  the US radical magazine  “Ramparts”. Monica is an independent filmmakers ever since the 60s...

Reem Badr

Reem has been managing The Jordan Film Fund since late 2017 organized through the Royal Film Commission, further to her work as a consultant to two regional training programs; Rawi and Med Film Factory. In addition to engaging in multiple film schemes as an expert, jury and panelist.

George Khleifi

George Khleifi was born in Nazareth in 1947. He studied cinema at the Higher Institute of Episodic Arts in Brussels, Belgium. He wrote and directed a number of TV series and dramas, documentaries and produced many feature films, especially those directed by Michael Khleifi. He taught in several...

Chérine Lakhdar

Chérine Lakhdar is a French-Tunisian lawyer by practice but has chosen to carry out the role of executive producer since 2009 in both cultural and advertising sectors. In 2016, she founded with Guillaume Lucas and Damien Gires, HERVÉ: A communication and production agency...

Youssef Shazli

Youssef Shazli is the co-founder and managing director of Zawya Cinema & Distribution. He first joined Misr International Films in 2013 as festival coordinator of the Panorama of the European Film. He launched Zawya Cinema in 2014 and Zawya Distribution; both initiatives...

Ranell Shubert

Ranell Shubert is the Educational Programs Manager at the International Documentary Association (IDA), a nonprofit organization located in Los Angeles dedicated to serving documentary filmmakers, artists, and activists. Ranell programs and manages IDA’s signature Conversation...

Jessica Devaney

Jessica Devaney is a Brooklyn-based producer and the founder of Multitude Films. Her latest film, ALWAYS IN SEASON, premiered in competition at the 2019 Sundance Film Festival and won the Special Jury Award for Moral Urgency. Jessica also produced THE FEELING OF BEING WATCHED (...

Shane Smith

Shane Smith is Director of Programming at Hot Docs, North America's largest Festival and Market for documentary film. He previously worked at the Toronto International Film Festival as director of Special Projects, and director of Public Programs. Prior to TIFF, he was Executive...

Zied Meddeb Hamrouni

Zied Meddeb Hamrouni (artist name Shinigami San) is a multidisciplinary artist working in the crossing between images, sound and space. Parallel to his architectural and cinematographic academic paths, his music is deeply influenced by IDM and Dub music, and in his audiovisual...

Solange Poulet

Solange Poulet is in charge of coordinating television and documentary-filmmaking activities in between the Mediterranean countries (many of which she had lived in) and Marseille, where she is based. She was a board member of the Marseille International Documentary Film Festival (FID), and led...

Caitlin Mcleod

Caitlin Mcleod has worked for over a decade as a theater director at leading institutions, including the Signature Theatre (New York), the Orange Tree, the Yard, the Almeida and Shakespeare’s Globe (London). In 2016, she received a Sky Arts Scholarship to found her new-writing company, The...

Elia Suleiman

Elia Suleiman (born in Nazareth) is a celebrated filmmaker who won numerous prizes since the beginning of his career, starting with his two first short films, INTRODUCTION TO THE END OF AN ARGUMENT and HOMAGE BY ASSASSINATION. In 1994, he established the Cinema and Media department at Birzeit...

Ismet Sijarina

Ismet Sijarina is a film director and scriptwriter living in Kosovo. He has directed a number of short films and his documentary film, BEYOND THE RAINBOW, has been greatly accepted worldwide. Ismet’s projects were showcased in various International festivals, namely San Sebastian, Thessaloniki...

Sarah Perles

Sarah Perles is an Arab/Portuguese actress whose career took off after her role in Howard J. Ford’s feature film NEVER LET GO (2015). In 2017, she debuted in Nour-Eddine Lakhmari’s highly acclaimed Moroccan film, BURNOUT, which was selected at notable festivals worldwide. That same year, Sarah...

Christina Rosendahl

Christina Rosendahl graduated from the independent film school Super16 in 2004, yet she had her breakthrough in 2002 with the film STARGAZER – a film about the band Swan Lee. Christinal has always had an interest in children and youth in several of her short films as well as in her feature film...

Anandi Ramamurthy

Anandi Ramamurthy is a Reader in Postcolonial Cultures at Sheffield Hallam University.  Her research explores issues of racism, imperialism and resistance in culture, and she is committed to preserving and recovering histories of the oppressed. She is currently Co-investigator on a research...

Mohamed Lansari

Mohamed Lansari (born in 1988 in Casablanca, Morocco) is the Director of Cinémathèque de Tanger. He has a master’s degree in Marketing and Cultural management. In 2011, he joined the Contemporary Arts Biennale and Dance Biennale in Lyon - France. Mohamed is also an artist designer.

Darine Hotait

Darine Hotait is a writer and film director. She is the founder of Cinephilia Productions– an incubator with a mission to champion the development of storytellers and filmmakers from the Middle East and Africa. Darine's films can be seen on SundanceTV, AMC Networks, BBC Channel, ShortsTV,...

Hadeel Hussein

Hadeel Hussein is an Economic Development and Management Consulting Manager at Solutions for Development Consulting. She is involved in different sectors such as business, education, and arts, and has demonstrated history of working in several fields and industries. Her main focus was on project...

Muhammad Al-Farini

Muhammad Al-Farini worked as Film Technician and was engaged in several non-profit cinematographic culture projects and film festivals before he co-founded HAKKA, the first distribution company specialized in arthouse movies, which has become one of the most active companies in Tunisia today....

Jennifer Kushner

Jennifer Kushner is the Director of Artist Development at Film Independent, a leading nonprofit arts organization based in Los Angeles. Jennifer oversees Labs for writers, directors, producers, and documentary filmmakers; Film Independent’s signature mentorship program, Project Involve; and the...

Ahmad Junaid Sorosh-Wali

Ahmad Junaid Sorosh-Wali is Officer-in-Charge and Head of Office at the UNESCO National Office for Palestine, where he was the Head of Culture Unit since 2013. In 2005, he was appointed as Focal Point for Western, Nordic, Baltic and South-East Mediterranean Europe at World Heritage Centre before...

Hussein Owda

Hussein Owda is a Palestinian film producer. He has extensive experience in Multimedia project management and is a former CEO for Zaitoon for Animation and Video Games. He and teaches multi-media at university level. Hussein hopes that GazaGraph will encourage dialogue and foster community links...

Hani E. Kort

Hani Kort holds a BA in Civil Engineering & Architecture and a Masters in Management from the USA. He’s currently the elected Chairman of the Palestinian Shipper’s Council and member of the  Palestinian Private Sector Coordination Council. Mr. Kort is the founder and Managing Director of...

Samir Hulileh

Samir Hulileh born in Kuwait in 1957, is considered one of Palestine's leading business people and is the Ex-Chief Executive Officer of Palestine Development and Investment Ltd. (PADICO). He represents PADICO HOLDING on several boards of subsidiary companies, including Palestine...

Lina Bokhary

Lina Bokhary is the Head of the Cinema Department at the Palestinian Ministry of Culture since 2015. She manages and supports ongoing programs to develop and create a platform for a film industry in Palestine. As the director of the Cinema Department she seeks to revive the film culture in the...

Ossama Bawardi

Ossama Bawardi works in Palestine and Jordan in both documentary and fiction. Credits include Salt of this Sea, Paradise Now. He produced Annemarie Jacir’s When I Saw You (one of the first films entirely financed by Palestinians) and Horizon, In Overtime, Mare Nostrum, and Wajib, winner of...

Pierre Menahem

Pierre started his career in the film industry in 1997 working at Celluloid Dreams as Director of Sales and Acquisitions. He founded Scalpel Films in 2004 and then created a sales division in the production company, MPM Film. He is currently part of the Selection Committee of the Hubert Bals...

Patrizia Roletti

Patrizia Roletti - Festival Director / Production management. She worked, as production coordinator first and then as a production manager on various projects The Passion by Mel Gibson, The Life Aquatic by Wes Anderson, Mr and Mrs Smith By Doug Liman. In 2011 she moved to Paris where she co-...

Iyad Joudeh

Iyad Joudeh is a Hubert H. Humphrey Fellow and holds a postgraduate diploma in Strategic Management from Boston University and a B.A in Economics from Birzeit University. He is the Founder and Managing Director of Solutions for Development- Solution. He served as the Chief Executive Officer of...

Anna Berthollet

Anna Berthollet has been working successfully with documentaries since 2013, after a long-term experience in the banking sector, mainly as a project leader. She also worked as Head of Festivals, Theatrical and VOD Sales at Taskovski Films, with a strong focus on film Marketing and Branding, and...

Catherine Leclef

Catherine set up the Paris-based international documentary sales company CAT&Docs in November 2009 after leaving Fortissimo and following stints at Films Transit and Doc&Co. Catherine is one of the best-connected figures in the world of documentary films. She has assembled a formidable...

Assia Boundaoui

Assia Boundaoui is an Algerian-American filmmaker and journalist. She has reported for BBC, NPR, Al Jazeera, VICE, and CNN and received a first place Mark of Excellence award from the Society of Professional Journalists. She directed a short film about hijabi hair salons for the HBO docu-series...

Ryah Aqel

Ryah Aqel was born to a Palestinian family and grew up in Michigan. She is a cultural producer and multimedia artist interested in the relationship between indigenous communities, identity and land, in Palestine and beyond. She holds a BA in politics and Middle Eastern Studies (University of...

Mahasen Nasser-Eldin

Jerusalem-born filmmaker Mahasen Nasser-Eldin tells stories of resistance and resilience, crafting carefully researched and scripted narratives that restore new life to forgotten figures and celebrate those on the margins of society. A meticulous researcher, Mahasen specializes in reconstructing...

Yousef Nateel

Yousef Nateel is a Palestinian filmmaker/director and founder and CEO of Skills Media Production. He holds a degree in TV arts and production and has worked as a filmmaker and production manager at Pyalara and Sharek Youth Forum. In 2012, he worked as Production Manager for Gaza 36MM and SARA,...

Søren Lind

Søren Lind (b. 1970) is a Danish author, director and scriptwriter. With a background in philosophy, Lind wrote books on mind, language and understanding before turning to film and fiction. He has published novels, shorts story collections and several children’s books. Lind screens and exhibits...

Debra Zimmermann

Debra Zimmerman is the Executive Director of Women Make Movies, a NY non-profit social enterprise that has been supporting women filmmakers with distribution and production assistance of their independent films since 1972.  During her 35 year tenure, it has grown into the largest distributor of...

Wafa' Abdel Rahman

Wafa’ Abdel Rahman is the founder and director of Filastiniyat, a media organization that supports the equitable discourse of youth and women. She is the editor in chief of NAWA: online women news agency.

Bisan Abu Roqti Mousa

Bisan Abu Roqti Mousa is the Program and Women’s Security Analyst at UN Women, UNICEF and UNDP joint program of Sawasya. She served as the Director of the Democracy and Good Governance Departments at the Palestinian Initiative for the Promotion of Global Dialogue and Democracy-MIFTAH for several...

Samah Bsoul

Samah Bsoul is a journalist and cinema blogger. She studied Comparative Literature and Film at the University of Haifa, and is currently completing her master’s degree in Comparative Literature. Samah has worked for more than 10 years in the weekly newspaper, Kul Al-Arab, and is a film...

Najwa Najjar

Najwa Najjar is a Palestinian writer and director. She received her BA in Political Science and Economy, and her MA in Film and Video Production (USA). Since 2000, she has worked on both documentary and fiction films, and her critically acclaimed debut feature film was POMEGRANATES AND MYRRH (...

Watan Adnan Sabbah

Watan Adnan Sabbah, born in 1984, is a trainer at the Gender Forum on the Sexuality of the Individual and the Family / Reproductive Health. She is interested in issues of Palestinian women / As for childhood and adolescence,  Watan has a permanent ambition through  her work in Al Muntada to...

Sama Aweidah

Sama Aweidah (born in Jerusalem in 1959) is the General Director of the Women’s Studies Centre in Palestine. She is a founding member of Balad and a former member of the Central Committee of the Democratic Front for the Liberation of Palestine. She was the General Coordinator of the Arab Women’s...

Mariam Farah

A journalist and TV presenter for more than 7 years. She’s the "Green Line" program presenter on Al Araby Channel. To her credit lay several written texts on culture, theatre and Cinema.
She has worked and volunteered at various local and international women's and civil society...

S.A. (Cinamji)

Cinmaji is a queer Arab feminist film initiative established in 2016 to analyze and critique cinematic works that focus on body and sexuality and to produce knowledge about these representations. The Initiative organizes periodic presentations as well as producing visual and written content on...

Mahdi Fleifel

Mahdi Fleifel (born in Dubai) is a Danish-Palestinian film director who graduated from the UK National Film & Television School. In 2010, he co-founded the London-based production company Nakba FilmWorks. Mahdi’s critically-acclaimed debut feature, A WORLD NOT OURS (2012) premiered at the...

Kamal Aljafari

Kamal Aljafari is an established director whose filmography includes RECOLLECTION (2015), PORT OF MEMORY (2009), and THE ROOF (2006). His films won prizes and art grants and screened at numerous festivals including Locarno, Toronto, Rotterdam, Fidmarseille. His work was also showcased at museums...

Michael Rowley

Michael Rowley is an emerging documentary filmmaker from Dallas, Texas who aims to document underrepresented stories in an effort to bring awareness, equity and justice to an interconnected and global society. Michael’s documentary feature directorial debut, HURDLE (2019) was the recipient of...

Naziha Arebi

Naziha Arebi is a Libyan-British artist and filmmaker whose projects aim at amplifying the voices and stories of post-conflict Libya. Besides her artwork, Naziha is also an accomplished producer, and has worked as cinematographer and documentary director for both film and TV. She has made...

Alia Yunis

Alia Yunis, born in Chicago, is a Palestinian American writer and filmmaker who has worked across all media on projects around the globe. She has produced several short films, and co-directed MAN HUNT in 2004, which became a Valentine's Day Special in the Oxygen Channel in the USA. THE GOLDEN...

Paul Cadieux

Film and Television Producer at Filmoption International (Canada)

Ina Fichman

Producer at Intuitive Picture. (USA)

Tracie Holder

Filmmaker, consultant, producer, and film funding specialist. (USA)

Florent Coulon

Producer at VraiVrai Films. (France)

Valerie Monmartin

Lead Producer and President of Little Big Story.

Isona Passola

Producer, Scriptwriter, Director, and Founder of Massa d’Or Productions. (Spain)

Vibeke Vogel

Producer and Founder of Bullitt Film. (Denmark)

Jérôme Amimer

Producer and Director at Leitmotiv Productions (France)


Serge Gorday

Producer at Temps Noir Productions (France)

Stefano Tealdi

Pitching Trainer at Torino Filmlab (Italy)

Olli Barbe

Producer at Galatee Film

Rosa Perez

Arts Programme Manager British Council

Fairouze Nastas

Wardrobe Design

Eli Rizek

Film Director, VFX Artist

Ismail Alhabbash

Scriptwriter and Filmaker

Nayef Hammoud

Film Director and Scriptwriter

Nadia Meflah

Programmer Brive Film Festival 

Bashar Saadeh

Audio Technician and Scriptwriter

Ramzi Hazboun

Cinematographer and Film Director

Aseel Joron

Film Student 

Lena Mansour

Haifa Independent Film Festival Co-Founder

Sahera Dirbas

Film Director

Muhannad Halawani

Film Producer

Martin Lecointre

Film Editor

Rashad Saleh

Documentary Director

Eyas Salman

Film Editor and Director

Yara Jarrar


Charlotte Corchette

Locarno Film Festival Programmer

Eyad Hourani


Lina Abdel-Hadi

Legal Advisor and Head of the Legal Department in Nablus, she’s a founding member of the Women's Coalition for Justice and Equality (Iradah). Represented several human rights and women's organizations in several international conferences, and a member of the Higher Advisory Committee for the...

Najwa Mubarki

Casting Director