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Cat in the Bag

It is nice and fun to have a cat or some other pet at home to play with. The trusting cat also thought to himself: it is so great to have a home... Until the moment it found itself trapped in a bag, somewhere out on the street, all alone, left to its faith. Nevertheless – all is well that ends well!

Producer Roberts Vinovskis
Production Companies Locomotive Productions (Latvia), Jarve Studio (Estonia)
Language No Dialogue

Director: Nils Skapāns

Born in Riga on September 25th 1969. After finishing grammar school in 1989, Nils worked as a cameraman for Dauka Animation Studio. In 1993 he switched studios to Animacijas Brigade, where he directed his first puppet films. He has been working for Juris Podnieks Studio since 1999.

2015 Martian / 2014 Ghost hour / 2013 Cat In The Bag / 2010 Wonderful Day / 2008 Flap Your Wings! / 2004 Listen Rabbit... Daddy Goes to London / 2001 Spring / 1993-1995 Munk and Lemmy