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Five Boys and a Wheel

A young father has to help his son out of a petty conflict with the neighbours. As the parents of each respective family are summoned to discuss the issue at hand, the discussions begin to quickly spin out of control, putting the values of the father to test. Set in Aqaba, Jordan, this short film is an Arabic-language adaptation of Raymond Carver's Bicycles, Muscles, Cigarettes.

Producers Ahmad Khatib, Akram Ashqar, Said Zagha
Production company AKZ Collective
Most important cast Ali Suliman / Nadira Omran / Haydar Kfoof / Mohammed Idris
Language Arabic with English subtitles

Director: Said Zagha

Said is a Palestinian filmmaker from Ramallah. He earned his Bachelor’s degree in English and Film from Kenyon College in 2011. His latest narrative short film Five Boys and a Wheel stars the acclaimed Palestinian actor Ali Suliman and was funded by the Royal Film Commission (RFC) of Jordan and Palestinian private sector companies. Said is currently developing his first feature film, a political thriller entitled The Girl, which recently participated in the RFC’s Rawi Screenwriting Lab.

2016 Five Boys and a Wheel / 2011 Guns and Pencils