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The Illinois Parables

Eleven parables relay histories of settlement, removal, technological breakthrough, violence, messianism and resistance, all occurring somewhere in the state of Illinois. The state is a convenient structural ruse, allowing its histories to become allegories that explore how we’re shaped by conviction and ideology.

Producer Deborah Stratman
Most important cast 
Raven Wolf C. Felton Jennings II / José Oubrerie / Daniel Verdier / David Gatten / Joshua Frieman / Anna Toborg
Language English with Arabic subtitles

Director: Deborah Stratman

Deborah Stratman, born in 1967 in Washington D.C., USA, is a Chicago-based artist and filmmaker. In her work she investigates issues of power, control, and belief, exploring how places, ideas, and society are intertwined. Recent projects have addressed freedom, expansionism, surveillance, sonic warfare, public speech, ghosts, sinkholes, levitation, propagation, orthoptera, raptors, comets, and faith. Stratman is the recipient of an Alpert Award, Fulbright, Guggenheim, and USA fellowships and grants from Creative Capital, Graham Foundation, and Wexner Center for the Arts. She teaches at the University of Illinois at Chicago.

2016 The Illinois Parables / 2016 TheIllin / 2014 Second Sighted / 2014 Hacked Circuit / 2013 Immortal, Suspended / 2012 The Name is not the Thing named / 2011 …These Blazeing Starrs! / 2010 Kuyenda N’Kubvina / 2009 O’er the Land / 2008 Butter and Tomatoes / 2007 The Magician’s House / 2006 It Will Die Out in the Mind / 2004 Kings of the Sky / 2003 Energy Country / 2002 In Order Not to Be Here / 2001 Untied / 1999 the BLVD / 1997 From Hetty to Nancy / 1995 On the Various Nature of Things / 1995 Iolanthe / 1994 Waking / 1993 In Flight: Day No. 2,128 / 1992 A Letter / 1990 My Alchemy