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Memory of A Fish

Sami always tries to remember things, but his memory does not always help. However, he doesn’t really care about solving this problem, he deals with it as if it were something normal - unlike his sister Yara who always makes fun of him. Their mother puts an end to this and presents Sami with solutions. Nonetheless, these solutions are often temporal, not permanent. How will Sami deal with that?

Producers Yousef Salhi, Akram Dwaik
Production company initiative “We Have A Cinema”
Most important cast Lour Jean / Hisham Jean / Nissren Jubeh
Language Arabic with English subtitles

Director: Yousef Jamil Salhi

Born in 1992, Yousef studied Audiovisual Media at Al-Quds University. He established an initiative called We Have A Cinema Now in Jerusalem in 2014 to produce his short films. Within this initiative, Yousef also hosts training workshops about making short films, including My First Film Project and Short Stop-Motion Films. Additionally, Yousef works with community-based organizations to produce short documentaries.

2017 Memory of a Fish / 2017 About the Last Portrait / 2017 Would The Earth Fall Down If It Stopped Spinning? / 2015 The Sky Is the Limit / 2014 Sweet View / 2014 It's the Time / 2013 Half of Cake / 2013 Tell Me About Jerusalem