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PFM Talks | New Ways of Cinema

Thursday 19.10 15:30
Ankars Suites
Sohail Dahdal

Virtual reality is already the next big thing in filmmaking - not as an experimental futuristic idea but as a new way to tell stories, not only on mobile devices but also in newly VR-equipped cinemas around the world. Come join Sohail Dahdal on a journey into the future. This masterclass will introduce you to ways of telling stories using virtual reality technologies, augmented reality app creation, and 360° videography, breaking the fourth wall in VR cinema. Learn about the latest tools used in making VR cinema, new methods to enhance the audience experience, and gain insight into this fast-developing industry. This talk is open to the public but is best suited for established filmmakers with projects in development and open for new ways of telling their stories.





Sohail Dahdal

Sohail Dahdal is an award-winning documentary filmmaker and multimedia artist with over 25 years' experience as a leading digital media innovator with a passion for using technology to enhance the power of digital storytelling. Sohail, an Australian of Palestinian heritage, is one of the leading forces in new media filmmaking in Australia, creating some of Australia’s pioneering multimedia projects, including the award winning online documentaries First Australians and Long Journey, Young LivesSohail is currently teaching media at the American University of Sharjah and also working on a large-scale augmented reality documentary documenting Palestinian stories from pre-1948.