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PFM Talks | Short Films, Festivals and Markets: Film Distribution Strategies for Newbies

Thursday 19.10 14:00
Ankars Suites
Enrico Vannucci

Film markets at festivals have emerged as the principal venues where film professionals from all other the world can meet to do business. Markets must both satisfy the attendees’ demands and mix seamlessly with the rest of the festival. The role of film markets at festivals arise a diverse range of questions:  How do market exchanges relate to other areas of festivals? What kind of relationships are involved between participants? How do they influence film circulation, co-production and professional networking? How can we trace their impact on regional and national cinemas?



Enrico Vannucci

Enrico Vannucci works as short film advisor at Venice Film Festival and as short film programmer at Torino Short Film Market. He has been working in film festival programming teams since 2010. He has also written essays regarding the short and feature film festival ecosystem. Moreover, as a journalist he has been covering major film festivals since 2009.