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The Devil’s Drivers



In the southern West Bank, Hamouda and his cousin Ismail are among the Bedouin drivers who risk their lives smuggling illegal workers over the border. Between them and the destination there is the desert -of which they know every inch- and the heavy presence of the Israeli military patrols. If they are caught, they go to jail. Yet only those fares can help them provide for their families, so they keep on driving and enjoying every day of freedom, as it might just be the last.


90 minutes

Arabic, Hebrew, and English with English subtitles

Director: Daniel Carsenty and Mohammed Abugeth

Producer: Daniel Carsenty and Mohammed Abugeth

Co-Producers: Nicklas Krüger and Felix Blum

Executive Producers: Ben Dressel and Rolf Mayer

Editor: Laia Prat

Soundesign: Christoph Kozik

Composer: Henning Fuchs

Cinematographer: Daniel Carsenty

Sound recordist: Mohammed Abugeth

Awards: TIFF Docs (World Premiere, 202), Special Jury Prize, Thessaloniki Documentary Festival (Greece, 2022).


Screening Dates

Ramallah, Municipal Theater - Ramallah City Hall, Thursday 03.11 18:00
Bethlehem, Al Jisser - Beit Sahour, Thursday 03.11 20:00
Gaza, The French Institute in Gaza, Thursday 03.11 18:00