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Eleven Days in May

Over the course of 11 days in May 2021, at least 67 children were killed in Gaza. They should never be forgotten. Narrated by Kate Winslet and with music by Max Richter, this film is a diary of those days. Through archive and personal testimony, the film tells the story of each child as an individual boy or girl, with much the same hopes and dreams and ambitions of children everywhere.



85 minutes
Arabic and English

Directors: Michael Winterbottom and Mohammed Sawwaf
Producers: Ben Pearce, Hashim Alsaraf, Mohammed Sawwaf, and Michael Winterbottom
Production: Revolution Films


Screening Dates

Ramallah, Municipal Theater - Ramallah City Hall, Friday 04.11 18:00
Jenin, Freedom Theater, Friday 04.11 18:00