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Foragers depicts the dramas around the practice of foraging for wild edible plants in Palestine/Israel with wry humour and a meditative pace. Shot in the Golan Heights, the Galilee, and Jerusalem, Manna employs fictional scenes and documentary and archival footage to portray the impact of Israeli nature protection laws on these customs. The restrictions prohibit the collection of ‘akkoub and za‘atar and have resulted in fines and trials for hundreds caught collecting these native plants. For Palestinians, these laws constitute an ecological veil for legislation that further alienates them from their land while Israeli state representatives insist on their scientific expertise and duty to protect. Following the plants from the wild to the kitchen, from the chases between the foragers and the nature patrollers to courtroom defenses, Foragers captures the necessity and pleasure of food traditions alongside their resilience to the prohibitive law. By reframing the terms and constraints of preservation, the film captures the effects of settler colonialism on land and cultural practices, as well as the politics of extinction debates that determine what gets preserved and who gets to decide.


63 minutes

Arabic/Hebrew with English subtitles


Directed and produced by Jumana Manna

Camera: Marte Vold, Ashraf Dowani, and Yaniv Linton

Editors: Jumana Manna and Katrin Ebersohn

Composition, Sound Design, and Mix: Rashad Becker

Colorist: Simon Veroneg

Couer Hearings co-scripted by Rabea Eghbarieh and Jumana Manna



Golden Apricot Film Festival, Yerevan

Melbourne Intl Film Festival

Dokufest Kosovo

Open City Film Festival, London

Camden, Maine, US

Toronto Palestine Film Festival

Twin Cities Arab Film Festival, Minneapolis

Take One Action, UK

Pravo Ljudski Film Festival, Sarajevo

Lima International Film Festival, Peru

Boston Palestine Film Festival

Dok Leipzig


Dokfest Kassel Gijon Intl Film Festival

Thessaloniki Film Festival


Screening Dates

Ramallah, Municipal Theater - Ramallah City Hall, Wednesday 02.11 18:00
Bethlehem, Dar Yusuf Nasri Jacir for Art and Research, Saturday 05.11 18:00
Gaza, Al Ghussein Cultural House, Thursday 03.11 17:00