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In the Mediterranean Sea, a lost city, a memory that does not fade, that persists in keeping it from being forgotten from generation to generation. Oral sources, archive images, and sound bring the city to life. As if we were strolling through its streets and attending its very first shows and screenings, director Rashid Masharawi takes us on a tour of the birthplace of his parents and grandparents, who were forced into exile in 1948. Recovery is a cinematic experience that attempts to cloud the limits between time and space as we are taken on a tour of photos from 1930 to 1948, allowing Masharawi’s nostalgia to breathe new life into the static bodies portrayed.

60 minutes
Arabic dialogue with English subtitles

Director/ Scriptwriter: Rashid Masharawi
Producer: Rashid Masharawi, Mouhamad Keblawi, and Laura Nikolov
Cast: Taher Al Qalyubi
Production Company: Cinema Production Center
Middle East Distribution: Masharawi Films, Close-Up North

Screening Dates

Ramallah, A.M. Qattan Foundation, Saturday 05.11 18:00
Bethlehem, Al-Rowwad for Culture and Arts, Wednesday 02.11 19:00
Gaza, Magazine28 - Rafah, Saturday 05.11 17:00