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About the Sunbird Awards

Stemming from our belief in the importance of creating space for art, creativity, and innovation, Filmlab: Palestine launched the Palestinian Sunbird Award Competitions during Palestine Cinema Days in 2016; aiming to bring our stories to life and to support existing productions from or about Palestine.

Every year, Palestine Cinema Days hosts the award juries from international, esteemed professionals who evaluate the submitted projects and select the winners out of the following  three categories:

  • Production Award (production and post-production facilitation, distribution, and $10,000 prize)
  • Documentary Film Award ($4000 prize)
  • Short Film Award ($3000 prize) 

The winners of the 4th Sunbird  Award competitions will be announced during the Closing Ceremony of Palestine Cinema Days on October 9th, 2019.

Why Sunbird?

The name of the award refers to the Palestine Sunbird, a small bird of 8-12cm height. This bird is able to cope with overcrowded urban concrete buildings, in addition to the crawling desert. It has been forced to live in a different environment that the one it was used to live in - green forests.

The Designer

The designer Khaled Jarrar was born in Jenin in 1976 and lives and works in Ramallah, Palestine. Jarrar completed his education in Interior Design at the Palestine Polytechnic University in 1996 and later graduated from the International Academy of Art Palestine with a Bachelor's degree in Visual Arts in 2011. The following year, his documentary The Infiltrators (2012) won several accolades at the 9th Annual Dubai International Film Festival.
With photographs, videos, installations, films, and performative interventions focused on his native Palestine, multidisciplinary artist Khaled Jarrar explores the sociocultural impact of modern-day power struggles on ordinary citizens. The everyday subjects of Jarrar’s reflective work are contextualised in ways that draw attention to the severity of the issues he examines, giving the political content of his art greater significance while underscoring the autobiographical nature of his chosen themes.